Christmas weekend…

You know how everyone looks forward to the holidays and eating and shopping and what not? Well I use to…

This has been the hardest year to buy gifts for everyone…I hate searching for things to buy for friends and family. I want it to jump off the shelf and trip me.

This is the first Christmas for us as a married couple. Thanksgiving was changed up a bit and so will this Christmas. I don’t mind change…I’m trying to embrace it. It’s hard when you’re trying to make everyone happy.

Instead of doing Christmas Eve at Andy’s parents, we are cooking at our house. I love to entertain so I don’t mind hosting and we both enjoy the cooking part. Unfortunately, it will be without his sister. She has not really approved of us as a couple but we are not letting that get to us. It is herself she is hurting.
Andy and I are a family now, we will be creating our own traditions and making memories for us and our kids (to be) one day.

Christmas day…we will see my parents and eat all over again. Tis the season for jeggings!

One thought on “Christmas weekend…

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