And Off to the New Year…

I’m ready for this weekend. Andy and I are taking a trip to Hillsville, VA. I need a break.

Christmas was interesting to say the least. Our TV and Microwave died in the same day. Do you know how hard it is to heat up left over’s with no microwave??? We can only replace one right now, guess which one it was…the TV. Shocker, I know.

On the upside to that we have more space in our living room now with our fancy new flat screen.

So Andy’s parents came over for Christmas Eve dinner, an hour late. Dinner was ready and cold by the time they arrived. (we had no microwave) To no surprise it was a misunderstanding as to the time they should arrive. Misunderstandings…they happen a lot.

Christmas day at my parents…that’s another entry in itself. We ended up getting 8 inches of snow in NC. When that happens, everything shuts down. We are just not use to the snow like other states. People can’t drive in the snow. I don’t understand why not, but they can’t. Andy and I decided we’d venture out and try to hit up some shops for after Christmas deals if anyone was open. Target…they did NOT let me down. We had the entire store to ourselves and spent entirely too much money. While Andy was off searching for a new Wii game over in electronics the power went out. I could NOT see the hand in front of my face, talk about weird. By the time it came back on I was over in the christmas section buying god knows what. I checked out with wine, candy and a pre-lit christmas tree.

Lots of wine to drink and food to eat.

Happy New Year

Words of wisodom

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