It’s a NEW Year for sure…

So 2010 went out uneventful. Andy and I went to the mountains with some friends. There was no TV, no phones…nothing but nature and antiques. It was wonderful. We did a lot of nothing.

2011, well it’s started out way different. We had bad weather which resulted in ice and freezing cold rain. NOT snow, ICE. This resulted in a few days off work and what seems like weeks behind.

I did however manage to dislocate my knee, but it wasn’t alcohol related or ice related. It was Mole related, a dang MOLE HOLE. So I ended up having it drained to reduce the swelling and had a MRI which turned out ok. No major damage, except to my fashionable attire. HA! I’m in a leg brace for 4 weeks and then it will be re-evaluated. I was supposed to start running this past Monday to get back in shape and get off the couch. Now this set back, as if I wasn’t already NOT motivated enough.

Let’s see…what else. Oh! I got my hair chopped off. Those that know me, know I’ve never had short hair and up until a few years ago I never had anything done other than a trim and that was usually done by friends. I got 8″ cut off yesterday. Talk about different. I was ready, really really ready. Ready for a change.

I’m hoping that 2011 will lead to bigger and better things and that all starts with a dislocated knee, fabulous knee brace and a new hairdo. Right??

Words of wisodom

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