I know it’s been like fo-eva since I posted. A lot has been going on and I just have not had the seconds to sit down and write something worth publishing.

The MRI results came back, thank goodness no surgery on the knee. Then…let’s see…what other good news do I have– oh our dog had to have surgery for bladder stones along with a neuter and a pulled tooth. Who would know that dog care is more expensive than an MRI?? Then I had some expensive car repairs that had to be done. I’m telling you, one thing right after another. Did I mention my husband is still looking for employment. This economy sucks…Keep waiting for things to pick up. I see no signs yet…grrr!

I have two very dear friends that have terminal pets. It has been a bad last few weeks for all of our animals. I’m the lucky one though…my dog will survive. Theirs, probably not much longer. It makes me sad. Sad that I have to see my friends hurt because they are losing the loves of their lives.
Sad that I can’t do anything to help or heal. Sad that they can’t do anything to help each of their dogs either.

Today is my husbands birthday…we are going to the circus. Here’s to hoping that will cheer me up!


Words of wisodom

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