My Vent…My Frustration

I feel defeated today.

I’m sure my problems aren’t as bad as I feel like they are but sometimes, I just feel like we can’t catch a break.

The past month has been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Not the fun kind. The kind that when you get off of it you puke.

We have had three friends lose family members. We are coming up on the three-year anniversary of Chucks death (Andy’s older brother).
Andy has had a months worth of interviews (5) with the same company. Outcome = Not yes not No…just nothing. He has no more unemployment benefits. WE ARE defeated, WE ARE struggling. Sometimes I want to just crawl in bed and sleep this depression away.

I can’t. I have to go to work. I have to bring in some income. I’m sick of it, I’m stressed…I feel defeated.


TALK about defeated. He finally got the call back from that company. They didn’t hire him because of his work history the past few years. He’s been on UEB…tell me how that’s fair.


Words of wisodom

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