Thought Provoking Thursday…

1. What’s the one thing you’d like others to remember about you at the end of your life?
That I’m honest, funny and trust worthy.

2. If you could live one day of your life over again, what day would you choose?
Probably my wedding day…we had so much fun. Hard to believe it’s been almost a year.

3. Who would you like to forgive?
My Dad

4. At what point during the last five years have you felt lost and alone?
The day we took dad to rehab…saying goodbye to him. I also felt equally lost and alone the day he started drinking again.

5. Who is the strongest person you know?
I would have to say my husband. He is there for me through all this with my father, because he has dealt with the same situation with his older brother. His brother has been gone 3 years yesterday. He overdosed.

Words of wisodom

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