Good News…

Another lame excuse I know…but here goes. We’ve been busy…busy little bees.

Dad’s surgery went great…he’s doing great. I’m so so so proud of him and his effort to recover. He attends AA meetings EVERY DAY and church every Sunday. He remembers stuff I tell him or ask him to do. He makes an effort to be his old self. I love this…I love him and I’m so so proud. ( I said that already)

Andy finally found a job! It’s nothing even close to what he wanted to do or even had experience in but we will take it. We’ve completed two room make overs and I have yet to post before or after pics. The computer crashed with all the photos and we’re hoping to get that back very very soon. The other images I have to post about are stored safely on my camera for now.

The summer is finally starting to come to an end. This means more time at home and less time at the lake. It makes me sad, but the 100 degree days are getting old and frankly I’m ready for my winter outfits!

Chat soon…

PS: This is why my husband needed a new job. BATS…

BATS in an attic of a homeowner he's moving

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