A – Z without the “T”

I decided to do this post because I really haven’t be able to upload any photos yet of our remodeling projects.

I grabbed this from A Girl and A Boy  SO….here goes:

A. Age: 35

B. Bed size: King…and it’s still not enough room for 2 dogs and 2 cats.

C. Chore that you hate: Cleaning the litter box, laundry, and moping the floors.

D. Dogs: We have 2…I love my dogs but they are high maintenance. (always on the bed & not cleaning up their toys when they are done playing)

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee and Old Skool Music

F. Favorite color: purple

G. Gold or Silver: Silver!

H. Height: 5’7″

I. Instruments you play: Radio? I can play Guitar Hero… Does that count?

J. Job title: Buyer (of nothing interesting)

K. Kids: Trying

L. Live: Raleigh NC

M. Mother’s name: Joan

N. Nicknames: My husband calls me Honey Bunny (no idea why) and my uncle calls me Turkey Wad (again, no idea why)

O. Overnight hospital stays: only when I was 4.

P. Pet peeves: when people do not use their turn signals,  idiots that drive in the merge lane until it runs out then has to stop traffic to get over, and dirty dishes in the sink when the dishwasher is empty!!!

Q. Quote from a movie: “I wish I had a million dollars”

R. Right- or left-handed: Right

S. Siblings: Zero

U. Underwear: pain the butt (no pun intended)

V. Vegetable(s) you hate:  Zucchini and Squash (weird I know)

W. What makes you run late: deciding what to wear to work…I just want to wear jeans and sweat shirts (all the time)

X. X-Rays you’ve had: when I broke my hand (it chicken boned…it was beautiful)

Y. Yummy food that you make: I would say 99% of the time all my food is yummy, but there are some things i’m better at than others: Chili, Enchiladas, and Spaghetti sauce.

Z. Zoo animal: Elephants… I’ve had an obsession with them for a long time. They are wonderful and mysterious creatures

You should do this too and then post a link in the comments.

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