What I’m working on …part 2

Here is a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on…saying goodbye to these red walls has been bitter-sweet. It’s a hot mess that’s for sure!

Sorry for the crappy Iphone photos but my computer is still being an @ss and I had to complete this on company time.   Shhhhh

Where the kitchen meets the living room

We have special plans for this wall with the TV and see the red door doesn’t go with the red walls…ick

Hey at least we are consistent this trim has been unfinished since I met my husband

Our living room has horrible lighting and these red walls….only made it darker

2 thoughts on “What I’m working on …part 2

  1. because you have that beautiful divider all around your walls it would be lovely to have colour on the bottom half perhaps blue? and then beige or eggshell on the higher section… Changing that red colour is going to make your space looks so much bigger! Very exciting!!

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