No more dungeon

We finally got around to painting the living room. I’m excited to show you what we ended up doing. I’m in love with the room now.

Paint Sample--Frappe'

I ended up going with Valspar Frappe’ in Egg Shell with primer and for the trim we use Duron Ceiling Bright White (because this is what we had on hand).
Let me tell you, I will never buy paint again without primer. It saves a TON of time.

We also ran out of wall patch during my painting project and since I made the trip to Lowes on my own I just grabbed the enviro-friendly stuff.

I love this...

It has the consistency and smell of paste like we use to use in kindergarten. It was all I could do not to taste it! #theycallmeweird

Here’s BEFORE  and sneak peek of how it turned out

I purposely didn’t patch these holes because this wall holds my wine rack.

Again…sorry for the crappy photos. I love my iphone but it just doesn’t do a DIY room justice.
I hope to have the project completed by next week. We are doing some touch up painting and an accent wall for the TV!

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