Guttin for punishment…

A few Sundays ago we starting gutting the inside of our camper (aka lake spot). First to go was the built in bunk beds. We are removing those and cutting out the back wall to extend the space and create a bedroom. This room will need to be a versatile space. One our guest can stay in, our dogs can have a space to call their own and eventually a space for baby (when the time comes). We are only spending a few hours a day on this project because I refuse to work my entire vacation!

Demo day-day 1– Ripping out the bunks. There was a bit of relief knowing we were going to do this project because as we started pulling the beds out we noticed the wall was rotting. Good thing we are tearing this wall out. It looks gross I know…

Demo day 2– Day 1 of vacation:
And now that the bunks are gone, tearing out the wall has begun. This image was taken from inside through the window, which will be covered up by the new wall. Confused? Me too!

Andy hadn’t put the floor in yet but you get the idea here. We kept the camper floor because it was in good shape and added the additional floor for the room.
(you can just see the edge of the window in the next image)

In the new unfinished room. You can see the trusses for our new roof. The new room will have an angled ceiling inline with the trusses.

The new floor is in and we have the resemblance of an actual room. A SMALL room but it’s a room. The small window will be covered with the wall and the new room window is installed.

We still have a lot left to do, but I can assure you the insulation, walls and power are all done at the moment.
I refuse to sleep with bugs. REFUSE!

I’ll get the finished product up next week (I hope) ha! You know us always halfway done.

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