Whew… It’s been awhile

A few weekends ago the hubby and I were at the largest invitation party on the East Coast (or so they say). My dad and seventy some of his closest friends host a huge party every year in my hometown. We help set up everything and Andy cooks the pig while other folks help prepare the Brunswick Stew and sides.

The start of the stew

Stirring after a few more ingredients

Yes… that is a boat oar

Looks gross but taste SOOOO good

Basically it’s a huge field full of fun including Live bands, lots of eating and lots of drinking. This year the Georgia Satellites played and while I didn’t get ONE picture of them, I did end up with a signed 20$ bill by some of the band members. Weird… I know.

Here’s a few other pics:

Looks like cheese… but its not

This is my dads spot (well him and 3 other friends)

We’ve been busy working on the lake spot and I’ve been doing school stuff and work stuff. I actually feel busier than what I can actually list. My friends have been having babies and getting pregnant. They keep telling me that’s where it’s at… eh we’ll see :).

Our 2 year anniversary is on Tuesday and while we really aren’t celebrating on that day, we are preparing for our Gatlinburg TN trip at the end of the month. I’m ready for the break. The leaves should be changing in full force by then.

I love Fall Yall…

Words of wisodom

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