DIY Door Decor

I’m a little late in posting this but always better late than never I suppose.

I’ve seen so many ideas on pintrest for Christmas decorations that it can become overwhelming.
I stumbled upon this one that I completely fell in love with from NewlyWoordwards. I decided I would use her’s as inspiration for my own.

I went to Michael’s and bought the letters and a frame to attach the letters to. I also picked up some green and red paint.
I already had the Chrome and silver paint on hand along with some OLD white spray paint.


I gave the frame two solid coats of chrome paint, and topped it off with a light coat of silver to make it not so “chromey”.


I then sprayed the letters with a few coats of white. I didn’t worry about getting the sides covered because I knew I’d be painting them with the red and green.



I played around with the letters until I figured out how I wanted them on the frame.

Once I got my layout all figured out, I used just Gorilla Wood Glue to adhere the letters to the frame and let it sit for 24 hours.
I used twine to hang it on the door. I know it is not as pretty as my inspiration piece but I’m happy with the results!


What has inspired you this season?

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