I Got Wallz

This week has been crazy. I feel like I start every post with that same sentence, but damn, I mean it.

Last Tuesday we listed our house, Wednesday we had an offer we couldn’t refuse so it sold. Sold sign went up Thursday. Wednesday of this week our buyer backed out. So we went from SOLD to NOT SOLD in a week. Sure we got to keep the due diligence but in the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t really ease the pain.

We have been consumed with questions and in utter “oh shit shock”. I haven’t been able to sleep thinking about this. Talk about frustrating.

If you follow me on instagram you know our new house is coming right along.

Here is probably the worlds tallest crawl space. Yep… these walls are for storage only. Our morning room will sit that high off the ground. When I gently reminded my husband that I am afraid of heights, he laughed “oh well.”

On the left is my Andy’s garage. The middle is more storage space and room for the screen porch.

Here is the front & first floor. On the right is Andy’s garage.

My garage on the left and that back corner is the morning room.

And remember that front door? I can see it now, right between those two columns:

Seems so fast but then again, not really.
Here’s to hoping next week will be much nicer to us and we can get our house sold quickly.


5 thoughts on “I Got Wallz

  1. Just exactly how giant is this house going to be?? It looks HUGE!

    Dude. With the buying and backing out…. Same exact thing happened to us – twice! If someone was that interested already, someone else will be too. But I know it’s seriously hard to live through!!

    • It looks bigger than it really is 🙂 it’s all about he angle of the pics. It’s a camera trick my husband has mastered. LOL… too much?

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