I got shingles…and a big deck!

This past week we got shingles… no not the virus kind, the asphalt kind! They are almost done putting the roof on, the front porch is in place and the back deck has been built.


Check out our front porch. I’m so stoked about it, I can’t stand myself.

Also these guys are always happy to see Andy on the job…


On to the big deck, or shall I say massive stairs. I’m going to need to have an elevator installed, no lie.

These about killed me. I should exercise more.



Plumbing has started and they installed my tub, so… I took a bath.

All I need in place of my phone is my glass of wine. I can picture it now.


The cabinet guys came out too and marked up my kitchen.

Here’s my RNGE (fancy for stove)


Dishwasher and sink


And my favorite part… kitchen island with pull outs and wine rack


Up next windows are being delivered and installed…and they are so pretty. Here’s a sneak peek:


Septic is being installed this week too. It’s all starting to come together and I can tell you this process is exciting. We finally sold our current house and we close on Monday. So we will be living at the lake for 2 months. I do not see any fun in this AT ALL, not one bit.

Now I’m off to take a real bath…construction zones are messy.

8 thoughts on “I got shingles…and a big deck!

  1. Can I just take a second to tell you how extremely jealous I am?!!! Your home is looking soooooooo freaking fantastic. I love the porch, the deck, everything!!! I’m so excited for you guys! Keep me updated! Everything is moving along so fast! 🙂

  2. oh i love big decks… i do. 😉

    the funniest thing about this is though one time adam and i were sitting around with his dad and he kep saying how adams mom loved his big deck and we were loling like crazy..we are children sometimes LOL

    anyways, i did the same thing sat in my tub and thought about all the glasses of wine i would enjoy there! i’ve said it before but, you are going to have such a pretty view on that big deck of yours 🙂

    • LOL the entire time I was reading your comment was thinking of some old Sir Mix Alot knock off song, “i like be decks and i cannot lie” yes… children we all are 🙂 thanks for the laugh.

  3. You are going to have the most beautiful home! Look at the view off that deck! Preeeeetty sure you need to invite a handful of your dearest bloggy buddies over for some wine sipping back there. 🙂

    • Thank you!!! I swear if I thought for one tiny millisecond you guys would/could make the trip to NC, I would extend an invitiation! 🙂 But serrrously welcome anytime

      On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 2:42 PM, Ash-Bea Sty

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