Shades of gray???

Lot’s of changes happening this week…It’s getting exciting now!

The siding was finished and they started painting.



The Gables are Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage


The main exterior color is Sherwin Williams Connected Gray





The trim is Sherwin Williams Lotus Pod.

To me this color shows shades of green and gray. I can’t express how much I’m in love with the colors we picked.
Remember our exterior theme…
Exterior Mood Board

The original stain we decided on was discontinued so we picked something similar. Hope to have pictures of that this week.

12 thoughts on “Shades of gray???

    • Hi Johanne thank you for the compliment. I used Microsoft Publisher. I like it because you can manipulate it in the program and save it as a JPEG to send to clients or share with friends.

      On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 8:11 AM, Ash-Bea Sty

  1. We are currently building our dream home and I love your color scheme. Could you tell me what color shingles you used? Thanks so much!!!

    • Hey Elizabeth…Thank you and thanks for stopping by my blog.
      I double checked and they are Architectural Style shingles in Weather Wood.

      Good luck on the build. It’s challenging and fun all at the same time 🙂

  2. Thinking of Sherwin Williams Connected Gray for the exterior of our home. How do you like it. Want to be sure it is not too a bright green, more subtle with gray tones.

    • Well it is definitely not bright green but tends to have more greens than gray I think… thing is when you put it up next to green, it looks more gray. Hope that makes sense.

      • Yes that makes sense, how are you liking the color? Such a big decision just don’t want to regret it! Thanks!

      • Anytime… and yes it is a tough decision. You can always try a sample on your home if that’s possible. Paint an area near the door you use every day and/or on the side of the house. See how you like it after a few days. Good luck with your choice 🙂

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