All about the details…

Happy Fall y’all!!!!

This is my favorite time of year. The weather turns cooler, the leaves start changing colors and PSL is back at Starbucks!

And Halloween… don’t even get me started on Halloween. It’s my most favorite holiday, no lie.

We are hoping to be in the house before Halloween, then I will hustle to get the house decorated for two weeks before we move on to Thanksgiving. Do you see how fast this year is flying by???

Anyway, on to the details…

They started on the trim work inside. I’m in love with every single aspect.






We also got the porch ceilings installed…




The mudroom is being finished up…

The pantry… words cannot express how much I’m in love with this little area of the kitchen.

And the built-in’s are coming right along… that is one honkin mantle for sure. Cannot wait to decorate that bad boy!

We are aiming for move in mid-October… just in time for Halloween! What’s your favorite holiday? Starbucks drink?

8 thoughts on “All about the details…

  1. Looks wonderful. Love the crown molding – I think that always sets off a room. And I love the built-ins. Beautiful!

  2. Fall is my very favorite EVER! And so is Halloween. And so is pumpkin spice latte’s. The other day I was forced into a McDonalds drive through and they have a knock off PSL that’ll do in a pinch. And your house is reeeeeeeal pretty. Will be so much fun to decorate all fally!!!

    • A knock off PSL?? What the wha… do not cuss at me like that. Plus I can’t go through MCD without getting nuggets, and they are knock off chicken b00bs.

  3. you are going to just LOVE that covered porch i know it! love your built ins. i wish we had some…we will someday! we moved in halloween weekend and we had no floors or kitchen…and only a 1/2 of a bathroom LOL so no decorating for was fun to finally put up a few fall decorations this year! i hope you guys get your goal!

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