3 Years ago…TODAY!

Five years or so ago I decided I’d sign up for one of those dating sites. (no judging)

After doing some research and realizing other sites were a complete FAIL, I signed up and paid for a 3 month subscription to eHarmony.  A day or so after being signed up they matched me with this guy. We talked on email for a week, then progressed to the phone before we ever decided to meet in person. Up until the time we decided we’d meet in person we had not even exchanged one single picture of each other. So to my surprise when we did, I was floored. I knew I already liked him as a person, AND he was physically my type.  He was the first one they matched me with, the first one I exchanged messages with and the only one I ever met in person. I shortly realized I paid for 3 months when I only needed 3 weeks. 


Today makes 3 years since we’ve been married. 



There’s something to be said about finding someone who truly loves you and can be your best friend. There’s something to be said about knowing that will always be the case.
I can’t imagine my life without him. Even through the hard times, he’s there. Most of you know that we’ve been trying to conceive a child for almost 2 years.

We went from building our dream house to making it a dream come true. In April 2014 we will finally have that little addition to the house we’ve been trying for since before we starting building.
We cannot wait to start this journey…
photo (11)

10 thoughts on “3 Years ago…TODAY!

  1. I’m literally sitting here crying because I am so happy for you. That is exactly what I want out of life, is a best friend/man and someone to grow old with. I know that no relationship is perfect (HELLO) I’m a prime example of it but it doesn’t mean I have to be constantly unhappy and just settle to make everyone else happy. When you left me a comment this morning I clicked on your blog first before I responded so I can see how you’re doing and I truly believe that god sends out signs just to show people that he is listening and that I’m on the right path (because what you have is what I am hoping for). Hard to explain and you probably think I’m crazy! lol And no I’m not some sick stalker hahaha! Anyway, I love your story and that is awesome you guys met on eHarmony! Omg I see the commercials but never thought it was true!! BTW your dress is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you for THIS comment. Thank you, Thank you. You’re so sweet and I’m a firm believer too that you are faced with situations and other people that make you a better person. And NO way do I think you’re a stalker 🙂

  2. OH GIRL! I only expected to look at your gorgeous wedding photos. (you looked beautiful!!!) What a surprise. I am so so happy for you!! Can’t wait to follow along. I bet it makes building the house even MORE exciting!!
    sending over some virtual hugs and jumps up and down for you today 🙂

  3. AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! I could not be happier for you right now! I am so, so, so thrilled to be reading this! Congratulations, you guys!

    Oh, and happy anniversary and stuff. 😉

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