The closet and other details…

Remember when I promised you that closet post… well here it is in its empty but beautiful form. (meaning it will never be this clean again) nevermind the blue tape…

DSC_0264 (2)

DSC_0265 (2)

DSC_0266 (2)

DSC_0263 (2)

Since these photos were taken they’ve installed the carpet and touched up the paint. I’m thrilled with all the space we have and that window seat.

I’m also just a bit smitten with our linen closet in the master bath. Instead of a plain ol door, we had them put in a full length mirror.

Before the mirror was installed:

Yay for selfies…NOT

This is move in week, that is if we get our building final. Yesterday we were at the house checking and double checking to make sure all would go well.

They’ve poured the driveway and finished the landscaping too.



I cannot wait to get some grass growing, although Andy claims he will need a new mower. Apparently the one we have will not work at the new house. 🙂

14 thoughts on “The closet and other details…

  1. Our mower didn’t work at the new house either. Isn’t that weird?

    It’s absolutely gorgeous – every detail. And is it just me, or did this build go really quickly? 😉

  2. Ashley, I know I’ve said this a million times, but your new home is sooo dang beautiful! I love that you installed a mirror on that door- so clever!! And your closet, well…..I’m so jealous!! So happy for you guys!

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