The halls are decked…

This season has been so busy for us I haven’t really had time to post much.
We’ve been attending parties and had a pig picking at the house a few weeks ago and that has consumed much of our time.

I did want to share with you my favorite images from our house, all decked out for the season.

Year and years ago before I met Andy, my mema gave me her Christmas village. I have never had a place to display it, until this year.

We went all out with it….

Christmas Village

Christmas Village2

I’m also in love with our tree. Last year we had this tree at the lake. We decided we wanted it at the house with us this year. This one is in our living room and at night it puts out a ton of light.


I’ve since added our train around the bottom.

And our favorite ornament on the tree this year is:

Target had this NOEL sign for a great deal so I snatched one up and decided to use it on the mantle.
(not the greatest picture, but you get the idea) I think Baby Girl B’s stocking gets a little lost, but it’s still cute. Next year she’ll have a big one!


We also have a tree in our foyer with a galvanized bucket for the base and a 6′ Santa standing guard.

And yes… he smokes cigars! Bad Santa…

I love the look of our house at night and the wreaths with the candy cane bows. It looks so warm and cozy. Next year I think we’ll trim the house with lights as well.

How did you go all out this year? Favorite ornaments?

3 thoughts on “The halls are decked…

  1. OMG, I looovveee the tree in your living room!!! We have to have artificial trees because I am allergic to pine and it looks sooooo real 🙂 I also love the outside. Our outside still isn’t finished so I wasn’t able to decorate the outside. Look out next year though!!!

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