A Little Love for the Mantel

Need a little Valentine love for your mantel?

Here’s a quick and easy project for you.

Grab some paint swatch samples from your local paint store or where ever. I think I swiped these from Wal-Mart.
I picked a combo of pink, red and white. Cut out little heart shapes or any shape you want. They don’t have to be perfect.


I simply attached the hearts with tape to the yarn that I had on hand or you can glue them for a better hold.


Be sure to measure out your yarn to fit your mantel and arrange the hearts accordingly. Then hang… I used my trusty Command strips.


I decided with the color of my mantel to forgo the white since it didn’t show up very well.

Easy peasy with just enough impact. I love the punch of color the banner adds to our winter themed mantel. And boy… has winter really hit us here in NC this month.

3 thoughts on “A Little Love for the Mantel

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