Dresser Make-ova

Remember when I showed you guys my Nursery Ideas?
Well I’m back with a quick update. We had been working on the dresser re-do for a few weeks, and finally have it where I love it. It took several shades of different color stain before I could get the look I wanted but that’s the fun part, right? Or perhaps it’s just indecisiveness… or pregnancy stuff who knows.

My friend had a dresser she was going to sell on Craigslist. An old mid-century style piece with lots of potential.

I loved this dresser from the day I saw it…something about the clean perfect lines and tarnished brass hardware that had me at “helloooooo”.


Here’s a close up of what we were dealing with:




Andy and I got to work sanding and sanding and more sanding to get the original finish off. OMG my back was killing me.

The more we sanded away, the more in love with this piece I fell. Something about the natural wood underneath that finish just won me over even more. I was feeling like we really scored with this find (thanks Alli).

No worries…I took precaution from the dust and fumes with this lovely respirator that was in the goodie box 3M sent me!
Making a real fashion statement, YES I am!

I wanted that rustic yet elegant feeling for Baby Girl’s changing table. After several different colors of stain, we actually picked one we already had on hand. It’s dark walnut (same color as our stairs in the house). It was left over from the build. I painted the top white, also left over trim paint from the build.


After cleaning up the hardware, I decided it needed a fresh coat of Krylon Metallic Gold. I really wanted the hardware to pop against the dark walnut finish on the drawers. This was the perfect choice.

Once everything was dry we added the hardware.

A friend came over and helped Andy haul it up to the nursery because this bad boy weighs a ton.

I just couldn’t get over the dramatic difference.

Dresser_Changing Table3

It’s probably my favorite thing in her nursery so far. It’s the perfect height for her changing table and since it has so many drawers it has tons of storage for her little diapers and other items.

What do you think?
Stay tuned for the full nursery reveal, coming soon!

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