Who Am I?

My name is Ashley, I currently live in Raleigh NC with my husband, two dogs, and two cats. We are updating our house trying to make it feel more like home and always seem to be half way done.

This is my life…

I’m slowly starting to figure out my parents are human. Hellooooo wake up call.

I’m still learning what I want this blog to be so bare with me. This is pretty much my outlet. It may be sad, crazy, stupid and just plain random from time to time, but it is who I am.

7 thoughts on “Who Am I?

      • I originally was going to paint the body of my house svelte sage, and use connected gray as accent. But then I saw your picture and decided the body would look better connected gray. Does your trim lotus pod look white on your house or more cream?

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      • Our door color is a minwax stain and personally I think the lotus pod looks sorta almond color. Check out the post on my site “it’s all in the details” you can find it by using the search box. There are two pretty accurate pictures of both at the end. See the trim color against the white windows.

        Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂


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