My wall, I lurv it…

Let me start off by saying this is a huge accomplishment for my husband and I. We actually got through this make over without a divorce!

I’ve been all over pintrest looking for wood accent walls, reclaimed wood walls, uses for old pallets…you get my drift. I’ve also probably sent my husband about 100 different pictures of what I wanted. This did nothing but add to his doubt and confusion to what I actually had in mind.

Ever since I met Andy and we moved in together I have been trying to figure out a way to get him to agree to say goodbye to the RED walls in our living room/dining room.  When I met him this is what his living room looked like, four years later and we have progress.

He won’t admit it EVERRRR  but he loves the way it turned out and so do I.  I told him I loved my new wooden accent wall so much I would marry it, if I wasn’t already spoken for.

**note I painted the red the same as our new wall color because I wasn’t sure how long it would be before we could actually tackle this project.

Here’s my photo montage



We cut out new holes for outlets to hide the TV cords


He even let me use the tools!




Before the stain




I decided to stain the chair rail the same color. Still needs another coat, I wanted it to be darker than the rest of the wall.


We still need to hang the TV and yes that is the Vanilla Ice Project #dontjudgeme

I wasn’t sure how the stain was going to look at first, but after a few coats on one board and wiping the stain off on a few of the other boards, I got the look of the aged wood I was trying to achieve. I used Cabot in the color Tannery.

I was shocked we finished in a little under 6 hours and that includes staining. This project only cost us about 75$. Soooo stoked at how it turned out.

I love it so much…I would marry it!